Exhibition "The End of the World". Prato, Pecci Center. 16.10.2016-19.03.2017


Pecci Center for Contemporary Art, Prato

October 16, 2016—March 19, 2017

Curated by Fabio Cavallucci



The great exhibition organized by the Pecci Center on the occasion of its long awaited reopening after the completion of the new extension designed by Maurice Nio and the restoration of the original building by Italo Gamberini, according to the curator – Fabio Cavallucci, director of the Center, with the cooperation of several international advisors – “will be set up as a kind of exercise of distance which will incite usto take a look at our present from a great distance.” Going through the works of over 50 international artists, on an exhibition surface of over 3000 square meters, the audience “will experience the feeling of being projected thousands of light years away to view our current world as if it were a fossil […..], resulting in a feeling of being suspended in a limbo between a now distant past and a still distant future”.


In this limbo, throughout an exhibition path where all expressions and artistic languages (cinema, architecture, theatre, dance) will be interconnected, Gianni Pettena’s work “Complementi di storia dell’architettura” (Complements of history of architecture) is on exhibit, a work in which the look towards the ‘past’ has essentially to do with the date of its first edition (1978, Venice Biennale) while its meaning stays the same in the present and will not change in the future.  And this is because the story beginning with the piece of rock as it can be found in nature, that is then structured into a wall where the stone is gradually worked until it becomes a surface polished almost like a mirror, is indeed a symbolic history of architecture.

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