Spazio vuoto riservato a Gianni Pettena | Mega, Milan | Mar 29 - Apr 2  2017

Gianni Pettena

Spazio Vuoto Riservato a Gianni Pettena


Mar 29 - Apr 2  2017

Opening Wednesday March 29, 6.30-10 pm

MEGA, Piazza Vetra 21, Milan


Gianni Pettena places his artistic / intellectual practice between conceptual and land art, with a leitmotif in which his belief always correlates with a physicalization related to the body and context scale. Spazio Vuoto Dedicato a Gianni Pettena, a project never seen before in Italy, investigates the deepest aspects of the lived space, a voyage to the discovery of another approach to the architectural discipline. This work runs between rupture and memory for a new definition of space and through the dichotomous relationship between full and empty. Through the use of performance, the artist is creating a gap with the term and the meaning of vacuum, in order to attribute it a new and thunderous symbolic value, so that the audience is brought to reflect on spatial experience lived by each individual. It is the act of the performance to generate the artistic moment, but it will be the end of the act to crystallize and formalize what remains, thanks to the continuous relationship between the inside and the outside of the space of MEGA. 

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