GIANNI PETTENA Natural Architectures | Merano Arte/Kunst Meran 7.22. – 9.24.2017



Natural Architectures

Merano Arte/Kunst Meran 07.22 – 09.24.2017

Opening: Friday, July 21 2017, 8.00 pm

Curator: Christiane Rekade


The exhibition takes place at the same time than the one (“Walking, weaving”) by the American Helen Mirra, whose artistic language shows aspects of similarity with Gianni Pettena’s work for what concerns a continuous confrontation with the environment, the relationship with Nature and the connection between the Alto Adige landscapes and those of the United States, which both greatly influenced the work of the two artists.


Indeed, the local environment has for Gianni Pettena a fundamental  role in the development of both his  works and ideas in architecture –so much so that about this he himself speaks of “my school of architecture”.  The exhibit at Merano Arte deals with this relationship and with the continuous confrontation, typical of the link of the artist with the landscapes of his homeland, that can be perceived throughout all his activity.

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