Le Quadrilatère, Beauvais

February 23 – August 19  2018

Opening, February 23 2018, 6 pm


Dominique Mathieu, curator of this exhibition on the art of contemporary tapestry, was inspired, as the title shows, by Le Corbusier’s idea of “muralnomad” according to which for the architect “ a carpet or any tapestry should never be tought as necessarily related to a piece of furniture, neither for dimensions nor for location”.  Through more than 40 works of artists and weaving craftsmen, including le Corbusier himself, the exhibition offers a careful analysis of tapestry artistic production in accordance with the evolution of all other contemporary artistic disciplines.  On exhibit, as well as on the poster introducing it, “Sprofondo” (1989),  tapestry by Gianni Pettena.


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