The Archizoom group was founded in Florence, in 1966, by Andrea Branzi, Gilberto Corretti, Paolo Deganello and Massimo Morozzi, joined in 1968 by Lucia and Dario Bartolini. The group was among the founders of the Florentine Radical movement, and one of the most influential voices within the Radical Architecture movement as a whole. Their exhibitionSuperarchitettura was held in Pistoia, in December 1966; in 1968 Archizoom, together with Superstudio, took part in the XIV Triennale, with the projectCentro di Cospirazione eclettica (Centre for eclectic conspiracy); in 1972 they participated inItaly: The New Domestic Landscape, held at the MOMA of New York. In 1973, they founded Global Tools, together with the most important representatives of the Radical movement. Archizoom began a research in the field of architecture and urban planning, culminating in theNo-stop city (1970-72); at the same time, they were exploring the field of experimental design. In 1968, they designed the Gazebo series, and some challenging pieces of furniture for Poltronova (the Superonda and Safari sofas, and so on), which opened the season of 'New Design'. In 1973, they developed their projects of Dressing Design. Their theoretical research on the city, the environment and the media culture, has played an important role in shaping and giving a direction to many of the issues within the Radical movement. In particular, the essays and the Radical Notes written by Branzi for «Casabella» are essential for an understanding of the debate and issues of the time. The group broke up in 1974.