Installation for Manifesta 7, Rovereto, 2008


The theme of a more attentive interpretation of urban space that had already been tackled earlier is expanded on here, becoming a genuine lesson in architectural design. In fact thedesign drawing superimposed on that of the existing building shows how it is possible to identify the flaws of the former Peterlini building, a nondescript work of industrial architecture that was one of the venues of the Manifesta 7 exhibition, clearly revealing its lack of balance. The use of the golden section brings a new equilibrium to the façade. And the recomposed logo that is laid over the new dimensions underlines the new dignity of this architecture. On this occasion too the lesson is imparted by making use of archetypal signs and elements: just a few lines that, on the sheet of paper as in the space of a city, if carefully positioned and composed, produce architecture of better quality.