Portoferraio, Isola d'Elba, 1995 - 2000


The project was commissioned by the Parco Nazionale of the Arcipelago Toscano within the framework of a more general plan of renovation and conversion of the whole promontory of the Enfola, an area that presents elements of great interest in its environmental characteristics, still almost unspoiled, as well as from the naturalistic and historical viewpoint. Once restored, the large 18th-century building of the former tuna-processing factory should house a museum that, associated with a theme park covering the entire area, will illustrate the nature of the activities that were carried out at the factory (and, more in general, the work done at sea in the past). There will also be itineraries for naturalists laid out on the promontory, along with visits to the numerous fortifications constructed there in different periods owing to its strategic position. The work of consolidation and restoration of the central building of the former tuna factory was conducted by Pettena and his collaborators in such a way as to respect the preexisting context as far as possible, and to avoid contemporary interpretations of a situation that, in view of the use to which it will be put in the future, had to preserve its historical and social characteristics intact. However, the general plan for the theme park of the promontory is still awaiting concrete definition for its implementation in the future.