Produced by Galleria Speciale, 1989


The carpet was part of the project “The Carpets of Meditation” which Tarshito and Shama of “Speciale” had proposed to artists, architects and designers: the aim was to underline (in the first place through the technique of manufacture, natural wool hand-worked with natural dyes) the importance of an object that, focal point of the rituals of the inhabiting, can stimulate other uses and behaviors apart from its simple decorative function. Like Merz and Branzi, Paladino and Mendini, Nanda Vigo and Dalisi, Marano and Tarshito and Shama themselves, Pettena responded to the proposed theme with an interpretation of his own, which emphasized meditation’s infinite aspects of dizziness and imbalance rather than those of serenity and contemplation. In fact, in the space defined by the carpet the six faces of a cube are repeated in an endless sequence of perspectives. It is a space into which you have to penetrate, as if on a gangway, to experience the ambiguity of the infinite possibilities implicitly contained in the simple repetition of an archetypal space.