The title, a quotation of The curious Mr. Sottsass by Ettore Sottsass jr, refers to a series of snapshots taken in the USA in the years 1971-73 in a context of episodes of both urban and non-urban environments  where America  is not continually changing but rather shows an abundance of spontaneous creativity as a given, natural, element.  Such context and episodes have by now disappeared from those places but still remain in our memories and in that past from where our present originates and without which it could not be understood.

While searching for places where he can discover or create his architectures, Pettena is at the same time involved in what he meets and fascinated by what he happens to find along the streets he covers, that is by the image of living and dwelling in these places. So, he discovers views and contexts which he feels near to his  theoretic and visual work, a temporary architecture as well, documenting research and whatever comes from the mind, making it real, or discovering it in something already built where nature has worked so that it may become part of a common language or subject.