Exhibition Gianni Pettena/Luca Trevisani.  Sistemi binari 1., Neon Campobase Gallery, Bologna, 2008


The curator of the exhibition, Guido Molinari, said of this installation that “the artist associates the metal construction with the concept of growth in nature on a single semantic plane of mutual adhesion,” alluding to the fact that the material structure in the form of a classical temple (a recurrent architectural archetype in the artist’s work) is covered this time with climbing plants that do not have an ornamental function but symbolically underline the contiguity and interdependence of nature and architecture. The theme, which would be proposed again and indeed accentuated in subsequent works, reaffirms a conceptual approach Pettena had taken in his work ever since the American period and that is now increasingly acquiring conceptual values in urban and metropolitan contexts.