1st Edition, Galleria Federico Luger, Milan 2012

2nd Edition , UMOCA, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2013
3rd Edition, exhibition Architetture Naturali/Gianni Pettena, Kunst Meran/Merano Arte, Meran, 2017


The work returns to and develops on a larger scale the concept both of some drawings that won an award at Trigon '72 (Grass Architecture) and of the 'breathing walls' used in the preparation of the Archipelago exhibition (1999) to illustrate the desire of architecture to free itself from any constraint, whether imposed by the materials or by a historical context. But here the work, which on this occasion takes up the whole of a wall all by itself, has more the significance of a gesture, of a sculpture that retains memories of architecture, and at the same time of the school of conceptual art in which Pettena was also formed.

Galleria Federico Luger, Milan 2012
Galleria Federico Luger, Milan 2012