1st Edition, Galleria Federico Luger, Milan, 2012

2nd Edition, UMOCA, Salt Lake City , 2012
3rd Edition, exhibition Architetture Naturali/Gianni Pettena, Kunst Meran/Merano Arte, Meran, 2017


A wall that is described as "human," certainly not just because it is made by man, but rather because the latter's intervention find expression in the choice of a natural material and in the sign that he leaves on its surface with his fingers. In the gradual process of drying out this is modified, so that with the passing of time the wall changes, in a slow but inevitable process of transformation that makes the pattern of cracks caused by desiccation prevail over the originally predominant pattern left by the fingers as they worked the surface.

Galleria Federico Luger, Milan, 2012
Galleria Federico Luger, Milan, 2012