Bari, Expo Arte, Galleria Megalopoli, 1985


A picture that, for once, has a depth (so that you can enter it) is in fact a place, the place where names change, the place where natures change, the location of a shift between real and imaginary, a door opening onto a reality that is certainly imagined, but that you can pass through. The “picture,” in which the corrections of perspective allow the outside observer to enter, to sit on the bench and lean on the table, constitutes a new work on space, which here is intentionally framed but also distorted in the dimension of depth. An alteration that identifies a threshold between two places, the outside and the inside, between two realities, the true and the possible, between two dimensions, life and death, that of the “inhabited” picture and that of the picture which, exhibited as such, appears to us in its customary two-dimensionality. “A journey from which one can return”, says Gianni Pettena.