Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Chateauroux, France, 2005


Not accidentally presented, in an exhibition, alongside the “wearable chair” of 1971, this installation proposes the theme of the different symbolic and semantic values of the most familiar objects in a new guise. We are introduced to this interpretation by the title itself, which alludes to the constant presence in the author’s mind, as in our own, of the memory of something that may have only been important in certain years of our life but that in any case enters our thoughts whenever we come into contact with objects that have the same function, and sometimes a similar form too, in their familiarity and banality, as the ones we recall. So the desks, chairs and windows of a classroom that emerge from the walls here represent things that only partly resurface in the memory of each of us in different ways when we come across objects whose use is common to all.