1st Edition: VI Biennale Gherdenia,Ortisei, 2018

2nd Edition: La quinzaine radiuse #14, Piacé le radieux, Bézard – Le Corbusier Moulin de Blaireau


In this installation nature is going to the rescue of architecture, as it helps giving new life to a building which had been abandoned in spite of its imposing volume.  With the help of the breeze that moves in different ways the paper ‘curtains’ that the author has hung to all windows and doors, the building seems to ‘breath’, as a consequence of this light but continuous movement.  The paper stripes, already used by Pettena in other occasions and contexts, have here the additional meaning of bringing new attention to a place, formerly a hotel, that in the past had been a protagonist in the town’s life but, being now abandoned, had been excluded from all the events of the Gherdeina Biennal.