1st Edition, Milano, Galleria Megalopoli, Beneaugurando, 1987

2nd Edition, Bologna, Galleria Neon Campobase, Sistemi binari 1, 2008


Part of an installation realized with Tarshito and Ugo Marano, this work of architecture, archetypal in its form and evanescent in its lightness and transparence, was made out of white gauze. Only the openings made at the four corners, at the junctions of the four walls, permitted entry into a quadrangular space with a ceiling in the form of a low pyramid, where there was continuity between the walls and ceiling as in a cave. So, the idea of “interpenetration” was again proposed in the simplicity of a place where the architecture was canceled out, turned into idea, symbol, place of passage and union between the real and the imaginary, between what is known and what is desired or sensed by intuition.