Galleria Quadro 096, Fiesole, 2011


A 1971 video (Intens, Architecture project, super8, color, mute, 6’) where the actions show an uncertain will and lack of interest in “the architect’s trade”, perhaps already derived from an objective disagreement, is projected in loop and set next to a drawing placed on a professional table dating from the same years representing a substractive perspective of the table itself: a labyrinthine and unbalancing image, a semantical subject often recurring in the artist’s work.

The idea of presenting together things that were conceived in years so distant that they can easily be thought of as two different seasons of life is meant to underline the author’s conceptual coherence on the subject of his own interest regarding the architect’s profession. Such interest in fact has progressively (and constantly) been decreasing and getting farther and farther from his idea of architecture.