Salt Lake City, Utah (USA), 1972

The installation, realized with students at the University of Utah, was another study on the “working” of material, or rather a statement on the re-naturalization of denatured places and materials: a process that implies successive phases of transformation, here carefully documented as they happened.

An inhabited, white-painted house, situated in an area of similar, middle-class, white houses, all devitalized by the anonymity as well as the uniformity of their coloring, was totally covered with clay, spread on by hand, from the roof to the windows, from the walls to the doors and steps. Even if only briefly, for the length of time it took for the clay to dry, the building took on new life, not just through the change in color but also through the “naturalness” of the material used, which altered and was alive at every moment of its evolution, of the process of drying and the formation of cracks and the presence of insects exploring it.