Milan Triennale (with Davide Mosconi, Nunzio Salvago and Marino Vismara), 1973


This was an operation of the “reading” of physical space, of occupation of the whole of the environment, realized through sound, as part of an unusual concert that was held in the large entrance hall of the Triennale and on the grand staircase leading to the second floor. Playing and walking around in the background and on the steps, an accordionist (Mosconi) and a cellist (Vismara) crossed paths, bumping into one another and each seeking to gain the upper hand. On the staircase a “fire eater” (Salvago) did his stuff. Pettena, after attaching contact microphones, filled the space in which the concert was being held with sound, using vibraphone mallets to strike the ceramic tiles that lined the walls of the entrance hall and staircase.