Choose one of the numerous  states that form the United States of America, if possible a rectangular one.

Two  jets should take off in proximity to two corners of the state and reach the opposite corners, thus drawing an X. With more financial availability this operation might involve all four corners, with four jets meeting in the ideal center of the X. The jets should fly to such an height as to let all the X show for a few minutes. All the operation  should be done and should end just before the weather satellite ECHO shoots the series of the United States weather photos. The work is finished when the photograph is seen in the 6 pm news and weather forecast of the ABC, NBC and CBS national broadcast stations.

Although presented almost like a visual poem, this is a true visionary ‘manual of instructions’ for a performance. An idea which will come up again, this time in the form of a drawing, the following year in the Proposal #7( “Architectural project #2 (Planes crossing)”) for the Trigon ‘71 competition.  However, the 1971 drawing only shows the moment when the planes cross, and this can be interpreted by the viewer in different ways.  Here, the action is conceived with a clear, although symbolic, ‘political’ intention (typical of those years) that also involves the media.